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Welcome to, a site run by Patrick J Farrell & Co Solicitors. We have a special interest in motorbikes and here you will find information on all areas of the law relating to bikes. Our managing partner is a biker and we have solid experience in dealing with motorbike cases over the years. You can be sure that with us, your case is in safe hands.

As regards accidents*, it is vital that you have an experienced solicitor on your side. There are many unfair perceptions of bikers out there and you need a solicitor who understands biking and will ensure that you don’t accept any blame when you are not at fault.

Most people think that motorcycles are dangerous and bikers are stereotyped as being careless with speed. Research has shown the negative attitudes that car drivers have towards motorcyclists. One American study showed how members of the jury were likely to blame the motorcyclist for an accident just because he was riding a motorbike!

However, the statistics show that often the biker is not the one at fault. A London study shows that in two thirds of cases involving a car and motorbike, the cause of the crash is the car driver violating the motorbike’s right of way. A European study showed that in 70% of two vehicle crashes, the car driver failed to see the motorbike. An American study showed that the average pre-crash speed of bikes was just under 50km/h – hardly speeding. The motorcyclist was travelling at over 140km/h in only 1 out of 1000 crashes. Look at our “who’s at fault?” guide for more information on this topic.

All this combined with the fact that motorbike accidents often result in serious injuries means that you need experience on your side. An accident can change your life and you need a solicitor who understands motorcyclists and the dangers that they face daily. Even where you are partly to blame, you can get compensation for a percentage of your injuries.

Not only do we step in after you’ve had a crash, we want to help you avoid them. We know that a crash can be the most traumatic experience of a biker’s life. As part of our work we undertake research into motorbike accidents and from European, American and English studies we bring you the best advice out there in how to avoid an accident.

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* In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.