In the Hunt Report, an American study, the median pre-crash speed of the motorbike was 29.8mph (48 km/h) and the median crash speed 21.5mph (34 km/h). In 1 in 1000 cases, the crash speed was 86mph (138 km/h). In Europe, the impact speed is under 50 km/h in 70% of crashes – a similar result.

Interestingly, it was found in Europe that while excess speed is often blamed in crashes, a speed differential (going either faster or slower than traffic) is more of a factor. It showed up in 18% of cases. In England, excess speed caused 3.5% of accidents and misjudging appropriate speed for conditions was a bigger problem at 5.6%.

Travelling too fast for conditions (even if this is below the speed limit) causes a greater number of accidents than excess speed. Appropriate speed for a bend is also an important issue.



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