Safety Tips before heading out on a ride

Every motortist should be in the routine of checking their vehicle prior to setting out. This may be even more important for the biker.

The obvious ‘wet’ items such as petrol and oil are a given, but consider also chain lube.

Have the tyre pressures been checked recently? Is there any wear and tear?

To ‘keep the rubber bits down’ these lifesavers must be in top condition.

Check all lights – keep them big and bright.

Now the gear – never go cheap on the helmet; check the visor for scratches and grime.

Jacket and trousers or’all in one’ – never ride out without. The guy in jeans does not look cool – he looks a fool.

Whether you put a ‘hi viz’ jacket on top is an individual choice(at the present) and some do argue that reflective gear does not enhance visibility.

Our view, for what it’s worth, is that high visibility gear does not make you less visible.

Make every effort you can to be seen when riding.

Anyway the extra layer does keep the road filth off your protective and expensive layer, at least up to a point.

Get the best gloves you can afford and keep them in good order. To ride in less than the best motorcycling gloves is …. Well try this – at the modest speed of 65kmph a fall from a bike without gloves is like trying to stop a grinding wheel at full tilt with bare fingers!

The same applies to the boots; don’t go cheap, keep them in top condition and they will last a good few years.

Are you riding alone or with others? If you are with a group each rider can look out for the others.

Alone you have to look out for yourself. At the least ensure that others know your intended route and destination arrival time.

You might consider bringing a First Aid Kit along; even if you don’t know how to use it, someone else might.

Include a high visibility jacket even if you do routinely wear one. At the scene of and accident this is essential wear.

Finally, don’t forget your mobile phone. If things go wrong you will need to call for help.

This article was written by Mr Nick Coward from