There is a common conclusion among studies that you are most likely to have an accident if you are between 16 and 24. Young, inexperienced riders are at risk but interestingly, age is a stronger factor than experience. A young, very experienced motorbike rider is still more at risk of having an accident. This younger group seems to have an increased propensity for being at fault in right of way accidents. 20% of accidents in this category are caused by the rider losing control on a bend.

Looking at rural bend accidents in isolation however, you are most likely to crash if you are in the 26 – 40 age group.

The 20-39 age band isn’t safe either, in the UK, accident figures peak for these bikers and figures may be similar in Ireland. That particular study also held a warning for 30 – 59 year olds; accidents for those riders have increased in the last 10 years.

While accident figures for older riders have increased, they seem to be still underrepresented compared to other riders. A USA study showed that 30 – 50 year olds were underrepresented in accident figures and there seems to be a steady reduction in accident risk as the age of the rider increases.

The message seems to be that two main groups are particularly susceptible to accidents: young inexperienced riders and older, more experienced riders of high capacity machines. The peak ages are 16-20 and 31-35.

Most accidents involve males, but females are overrepresented in the accident figures.



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