Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

Fatal accident* cases are very difficult for grieving relatives and they need special treatment.   Money can never make up for the loss of a family member but in the aftermath of such a disaster it is important to look after your future financial security. Motorbikelaw.ie can make sure you get the appropriate compensation to ensure that money is not another worry to add to your troubles, while providing practical advice on what steps to take to adjust to your new circumstances. Worrying about who was at fault in the accident or arguing with insurers is not what you need.

We make the initial enquiries about the accident, dealing with the guards and insurance companies on your behalf.

We represent you at the Coroner’s inquest. This is a public investigation of a sudden death. Important facts can often emerge at an inquest.

We will then assess the financial and other losses that you have suffered. We will employ whatever financial experts are required to present your case in its best light. Unfortunately, some insurance companies will pressurise you to immediately accept a quick offer of compensation before you can fully assess the seriousness of your losses.

Your case must go through the “Personal Injuries Assessment Board”. This is a public body that deals with compensation for personal injuries. We will prepare your application very carefully and advise you on any assessment that is made.

If this assessment is not acceptable to you (or the other side), we will take your case through the courts, using the best reports and expert witnesses.

There is compensation of €25,400.00 for the family of someone who dies because of another’s negligence. This is shared among the family. What is often more relevant, however, is compensation for the loss of income to the family of the victim or psychological injuries suffered by them as a result of the death.


For any kind of motorbike query don’t hesitate to call us on 045 431542 for an opinion of your case. You can also email us at info@motorbikelaw.ie or use our “Evaluation of your Case” link at the top of this page and we’ll get back to you.


* In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.