Motorbike Accident Injury Statistics

Figures vary but the consensus is that if you crash on a motorbike, you are very likely to be injured. In the USA, approximately 80% of motorbike crashes result in injury or death. The figure for cars is only 20%. Another USA figure states that 98% of bike crashes that involve another vehicle result in injury. That figure is 96% for single vehicle collisions. 45% of those injuries are serious.

In the UK, rural accidents are over 1.5 times more likely to be serious and over 3 times more likely to be fatal than urban accidents. This is probably due to the higher speeds used in rural areas.

Riders frequently collide with another vehicle or the roadway. In 60% of accidents studied in Europe, the collision partner was a car. Road barriers designed to control cars create serious hazards for bikers who hit them. They cause “serious lower extremity and spinal injuries as well as serious head injuries” (MAIDS – a European study).

The most deadly injuries are to the chest and head. The most common injuries are to the head, arms and legs. In a European study, over half of the injuries were to arms and legs and most of these were minor (cuts and bruises). The importance of wearing proper gear was pointed out here although it doesn’t entirely prevent these minor injuries.

Of the non-internal injuries, half were to the ankle/foot, lower leg, knee and upper leg.


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